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The Next Generation Of Waterproof Hiking Shoes

It used to be that if you wanted waterproof hiking shoes, you basically encased your feet in clunky short snow boots or steel-toed work shoes.  If you were lucky, you got a hold of Army Surplus supply boots.  Your feet might stay dry, but your legs will be very sore from having to lug so much weight around.  Now, you can get the strength without the weight in the latest generation of waterproof hiking shoes.

How waterproof are they?

Whenever you come across footwear described as “waterproof hiking shoes”, mentally substitute the phrase “water resistant” for “waterproof”.  There is no such thing as 100% waterproof hiking shoes.  Not yet, anyway.  If you walked into a rushing river in waterproof hiking shoes, so not be surprised that your feet – as well as the waterproof hiking shoes – will get sopping wet.  But how many times do you really plan to go hiking in a rushing river? 

Waterproof hiking shoes also do not guard against your feet sweating.  Your footwear still needs to have some microscopic holes in there somewhere in order for your feet to breathe.  However, with the latest generation of waterproof hiking shoes, you get lightweight, breathable and sturdy footwear great for hiking or camping.

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Wear to get them

You can go to actual stores or online shops for your new waterproof hiking shoes.  It is ideal if you can physically take your feet into a shoe shop.  Most people’s feet will not conform to mass-made shoes.  Until we can take our feet off and send them to an online shoe store to make sure shoes will fit, make sure any online shop you use has an understandable return policy and a Privacy Policy.  It is safer to pay with a third party source like PayPal rather than use a credit card.

You’ll need to gradually break in your new shoes.  Be sure to wear plenty of Band-Aids on your heels and toes if they are prone to getting blisters whenever you break in a pair of new shoes.  Wear two pairs of socks, if you can, or wear a pair of socks over a pair of knee-highs.  No matter how good they look, if they hurt, they are not worth any price.  Send them back and try another pair.  There are many brands and colors to choose from, so there 

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