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7 Tips to Waterproof Your Hiking Backpack

Are you ready for some backpacking trip to the mountains? Then you must be ready for some unforeseen circumstances that you might encounter. Your amazing day may become wet and messy because of the heavy rains and winds. Your raincoats are ready but you forgot your pack and it’s not really fair.

Gears, clothes and other outdoor gears are all soaking wet, and you have more nights left in the highland. And there you go, feeling so cold and wet. Instead of having a good night’s sleep you are all damp sleeping with all those wet stuff.

If you’re really an outdoor enthusiast these awful conditions can be possible anytime and you must be ready to consider these things. And these can be avoided by the following tips. 

Waterproofing your packs can be simple before leaving for some fun hiking. You can make your gear clean and dry regardless of any situation that you may encounter. There are a lot of tips out there that may be helpful in your backpacking but we gathered the things that will truly help you ease those problems.

Backpack Waterproofing

A wet backpack can be uncomfortable, messy and annoying. The following will help you become better backpackers the next time you go on a trip.

Have a Rain Cover

For most of us, the unexpected rainfalls can be the culprit of wet gear. Though this is not a big deal but this can be very dangerous especially to your sleeping bag, which is very useful during your sleeping time. So, most people are now using backpacks with rain cover to initially protect their stuff from any changing weather. A rain cover is made up of a fabric nylon, which is elastic and easy to use. It is a lightweight material and mostly the same texture with umbrellas.

There are a lot of waterproof backpacks available in the market. One of the best is “Osprey Backpack”. Make sure that pack covers are attached in the bag so that it would be easy to pull up and used.

Use a Seam Grip

This is not an actual stuff that can waterproof your backpacks but it can enhance the backpack resistance from water. It will help your backpack boost its ability to waterproof by preventing the raindrops to absorb in your stuff. Seam gripper is a kind of glue that you applied to your bag, tents, and sleeping bag to cover small holes and improves the resistance of the gear.

On the other hand, you should not put your full trust by using seam grip since you need to apply it very often to your gear to make if more effective.

Use a Dry Bag

This dry bag is very important among hikers for so many reasons. This is also made with fabric nylon that is seam-taped and can reliable in protecting you gear even it will soak through the water. It has different sizes as 2 liters to up to 110 liters.

 Most hikers nowadays are using the 2 liters to up to 30 liters dry bags which are very convenient for their needs. But you need to take note that bringing dry bags can be trickier, especially if you’re spending more nights outside.

You may want to consider buying this sling dry bag from “SEATOSUMMIT”.

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Use a Pack Liner in Your Backpack

This is considered as one of the most effective ways to waterproof your backpack. This will keep your gear and backpack dry all day long especially during rainy days. Pack liners are usually in big sizes to accommodate all your stuff inside.

Some mountaineers, hikers and trekkers use garbage bags to make it as a pack liner in their backpacks. There are trash bags which are durable enough to protect all gear and make it dry while hiking.

Use a Leather / Fabric Protector

When you say waterproofing, an outdoor lover will tell you that this method is one of the most important things to consider before going out or before going uphill. Your backpack is the most vital gear throughout the trek because it carries all your belongings needed. 

Backpacks has different kind of material, there’s leather and some are nylon. Whatever it is, it has a different kind of needs. If you’re travelling using a temperamental kind of materials such as leather or suede, make sure to use such spray that will suite its material. One of the recommended products for such kind of material is Colonil’s Waterstop.

Use Stuff Sack

It looks like dry bag but they have different purposes. Stuff sack is used mostly to better organize gear inside the backpack. They have different sizes and shapes and it is very popular among trekkers and mountaineers.

 Stuff sack is not waterproof and is made of ripstop nylon. But still it provides resemblance as water resistance to any gear. Stuff sack main purpose is to make your gear in good shape as long as it is used properly.

The “OSPREY ULTRALIGHT STUFF SACK” is best recommended.

Make Use of Spray Treatment

Using the spray treatment can increase the ability of your backpack to waterproof. Thus, many hikers are using this kind of spray for their convenience during hiking. Spray treatment is not just for backpack but it can also apply to your tents, sleeping bags, jackets and other gear that need to be waterproof. 

Spray treatment has the ability to drop off the water from the gears instead of absorbing it. It is a kind of water repellent that will add a layer to your backpack to keep a little drier during light rain. Using this water spray may not secure your things but it can be very helpful when combined by seam grip and other ways to protect your backpack


Accordingly, there is no perfect way to waterproof your pack. But it is very important for you to find out what really works and can cater to your needs. In this regard, it may lessen the worry to your gear getting wet during the hiking. And this may cause you to feel bad and it may affect you mood during the entire hike. So make sure that you’re gear are all set and ready for any weather changes so that your hike will be the most memorable one. Enjoy hiking!

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